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Effective Treatment is Necessary for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The answer to what is a STD can be very well given by first elaborating the full form of STD. STD stands for sexually transmitted disease that can be a real concern for the people and especially the women. If an STD is left untreated it can damage a woman’s reproductive system completely and can leave her craving for children all her life because with the damage of the reproductive system she will not be able to bear children for her entire life. The STD’s are also capable of causing cervical cancer which is very dangerous and can also cause death. There are many STD’s which are very common among women and the use of effective vaccines is the only way to treat the STD’s at their earlier stage. These vaccines are very instrumental in curbing the fear of anal, vulvar and vaginal cancers in women caused by STD. the vaccines are highly recommended for females between the age of nine and twenty six before they become sexually active. The fact that an STD can cause great damage to the entire body system of women makes it very dangerous and at the same time a must treated diseases at its very early stages. Being unable to do so will lead a woman to embrace the worst experience in life and that is of not having children.

Trichomoniasis or more commonly known as the Trich STD is one of the widely known sexually transmitted diseases and is considered to be the main cause of vaginitis. It is a disease that can happen to both men and women. There are many symptoms that can give a hint of the disease that is found in both the sexes and by proper treatment this diseases can also be caused in the most effective manner. The most common symptoms of Trich STD in men is the swelling of the scrotum, pain while urination, discharge of urethral and many other things. In most cases it can also happen that men will not get any symptoms but will be suffering from this disease. In this case consulting the doctor would be the most advisable thing to do. Just like the men there are many symptoms which are also found in women like the grey, green and yellow vaginal discharge, itchy, smelly and foamy discharge, and pain during urination as well as itching in the vagina. Proper treatment and care at home are the only remedies that can be taken if such a disease has been contracted.

HPV or human papillomavirus in women is the most common sexually transmitted infection and it is very necessary that attempts be made in order to increase the awareness for this disease. Human papillomavirus in women is transmitted or passed between individuals during unprotected sexual acts including vaginal and anal sex, oral sex and genital to genital contact. HPV in women can prove to be very dangerous because of the damage that it can cause to the reproductive system of a woman and it is because of this damage that a woman would not be able to bear children for her entire life.

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The very answer to the question does HPV go away? Is yes and if the question is how long does it take for Hpv to go away then the answer to this is not very long. For more info on what is a STD and Trich STD visit EmpowHER

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